Vertical Jump Training

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Jumping is all about power, and power is a component of 2 factors: Speed and Strength. You can’t have power if you lack either speed or strength and that is why training is so crucial to developing powerful legs. Sure form can increase your vertical by a couple inches alone and everyone needs to learn perfect form in order to really be a great jumper, but nothing can make up for proper training.

I see so many people in the gym that never workout their legs and always just play basketball and then they expect to be able to dunk a basketball. Then I see another group of people that are at the gym training with the heavy weights and they have extremely strong legs but they can’t dunk either. The problem is that both groups of people are focusing on 1 thing at a time. The guy that plays basketball instead of lifting weights is going to be very fast and have enough speed to be able to dunk but he lacks the strength. The exact opposite is true of the gym rat that is blasting his legs with super heavy weights, he has no speed. If you combine the 2 you almost have a good workout routine but not quite. To really increase your vertical jump you need to do a little more and plan it out a little better.

You need to develop speed in the form of vertical movement and not just horizontal. This is done by performing what are known as plyometric workouts. Plyos are done by jumping onto special plyometric boxes that have varying heights depending on your ability and the type of exercise you are performing. Too many people do plyos on items that are just way too tall for them to do the workouts properly. The point behind plyometrics is to train the golgi tendon reflex to react with the most power possible. This is done by jumping as soon as your feet touch the ground. Kind of like when you do jump rope really fast, you have to jump as fast as possible. The big difference is that unlike with jumping rope, you will be jumping as high as you can each time instead of just tiny little hops. That is why I do not recommend that you jump rope in order to learn how to jump higher. It won’t work.

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So get to work. You can really increase your vertical jump in a week although it won’t be more than inch most likely but hey progress is progress!

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