Jump Manual Review

Does the Jump Manual deliver what it promises? Well that is entirely based on where you are when you start the program.

Am I qualified to tell if a vertical jump program is good or not?
Let me tell you about my background and you can decide on whether you will take my advice or leave it. I don’t play basketball but I do play beach volleyball, which requires more jumping by every person playing than any other sport in the world. I have a bachelors degree in Exercise Science, which means that I have taken advanced classes in functional anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics and sports training. I have created jumping programs for myself, friends and athletes that have gone on to play professional beach volleyball. Jump training is a passion of mine, so when I hear about new products that exist on the internet I want to test them out or at least read them over to tell if they would work. I have gotten my hands on most of the popular jump programs that are floating around the internet and a few are just ridiculous. I go into every program believing that it most likely will not work and that is usually the case.

Now even with the worst program people will see results but it’s because they are training more than usual, it does NOT mean that the program is well designed or effective.

My rating for the Jump Manual would have to be a 9 out of 10. Compared to the other programs I have seen I would give it a 10. The reason being that it is backed by sound biomechanics. Jacob actually understood the science behind the training and that impressed me. Most people don’t understand the science of why certain types of training work because that requires studying the muscle on a molecular level. The program itself wasn’t full of shiny designs with bells and whistles. That is a good thing, don’t be sucked into a bogus program just because it’s looks like it would be good. Those programs cover their lack of knowledge with very nice looking websites and that tactic works on a lot of people.

Visit the www.JumpManual.com to see free video explanation of jump training.

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