Increase Vertical Jump

You would have to be crazy to not want to increase vertical jump if you play basketball or volleyball.  There are no other sports that put as much importance on being able to jump or just being tall than basketball and volleyball.  Sure, it can be very beneficial in other sports but it is pretty much required in basketball and volleyball.  So what are you doing today to be able to jump higher tomorrow?  Most people are under the misconception that you have to train for years in order to see any type of results.  The is very false of course.  You can see improvements in weeks if you are doing everything that you should be doing.

Are you lifting any weights or just playing your sport and thinking that it will increase your vertical leap?

You can’t expect to get results that you have never gotten unless you train in a way that you have never trained.

So lets take a look at a few jumping exercises that you can do to start jumping a little higher:

  • Squats-  These need to be all variations and by this I mean some are deep and some aren’t.  Some are fast on the way down and slow on the way up while some are the exact opposite.  Some are fast the whole way and some are slow the whole way.  You have to build up that strength in every angle that your knee will be in.  You will feel where you are weak and you need to exploit it and train that area so that it is not preventing your progress.
  • Calf Raises-  These are very important and the same goes for them.  You need to do them without weight and then with a lot of weight.

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