How to Slam Dunk

Most people searching for ways to learn how to slam dunk are actually just looking for some type of vertical jump training or plyometric training program that will help them learn how to jump higher.

If you want to learn how to jump higher in basketball you can’t just go to the gym and start doing crazy workouts because that just won’t work.  Before jumping into plyometrics you need to learn a few things about the human body and how to properly train with plyometric exercises in order to increase vertical jump. I’m not saying that you will double your vertical leap by any means but you can put on a few inches and maybe even as much as 10 inches if you train in the right way with the proper strength training and jumping exercises.

The more force you can exert against the ground will in turn result in you jumping higher off of the ground, this is simple physics.  So how can you put more force against the floor?  One simple way is to learn how to properly use your arms when jumping.  Arm swing plays a huge role in jumping high so make sure you do it right.  You need to keep your arms straight and throw them back as far as they can go.  If you have tight shoulder or a tight chest, you are missing out on a couple of inches of jump height so make sure you stretch those shoulders!  Your horizontal speed is also converted into vertical lift when jumping because the faster you are going, the more force you will apply against the ground.  Your form is very important, make sure to work on that before anything else.

As far as jumping exercises go there are a few key workouts that will help but more importantly you need to not over train.  If you are sore you should not be working out.  You get sore because the body is busy repairing damaged tissue so let it do it’s job so you can build the proper muscle needed to jump higher.  This is all broken down piece by piece in the Jump Manual, if you want to check it out Click Here.

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