How to Jump Higher in Sand for Beach Volleyball

Many people ask me how they can improve their vertical jump in the sand because they either play beach volleyball or play indoor and they want to transition to the outdoor game. Many great indoor players will try to make that switch to beach and they quickly give up because they can’t get out of the sand. In order to jump higher in sand you have to train in the sand. The approach is completely different, as is the game. You have to jump straight up in the air and not leap forward like you would on a hard court. The indoor approach is called a broad jump and you can’t do that in sand or you will simply sink. You have to over exaggerate the stomp before you leave the ground. This means that your last 2 steps will happen almost at the same time and then you will go straight up. Remember to use a very strong arm swing, it’s is absolutely necessary in order to get more than 10 inches out of sand.

Training with a good vertical jump program will increase your vertical leaping ability but you have to get used to the sand and that means you need to practice in the sand.

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